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Automated Forex Trading System: Faster Execution Means Increased Trade Volumes

The concept of automated Forex trading system is mind-catching.

Before the automation of the Forex market, exchange-traded futures market was the first to switch on automation. Then, the traders on the Interbank spot FX market decided to catch up with the latest trend and moved too to the new system.

Automated Forex trading system enables traders to execute their trade on spot Forex market automatically and anytime of the day, based on existing technical indicators and custom trading rules. There are various features included in the automated trading system, such as:

  • Automatic trailing stops especially if the trader is losing in a particular trade position;
  • Account equity management;
  • Stop and/or limit orders;
  • Discretionary market orders; and
  • Various technical analysis indicators within your discretion for enabling trend-following systems.

Automated Forex trading systems supports most of the following indicators (the technical support will depend on the technology used as well as the available features of the system):

  • WMA (weighted moving average);
  • EMA (exponential moving average);
  • SMA (simple moving average);
  • VMA (variable moving average);
  • TMA (triangular moving average);
  • TSMA (time series moving average);
  • WATR (wilder’s average true range);
  • VHF (vertical horizontal filter);
  • Standard deviation;
  • Trailing stops;
  • Mass index;
  • Fixed limits and stops, and others.

The success of the automation process to the Forex market is ... continue

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